Significance of Energy Healing - The 24 Hour Blessing

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2020

Significance of Energy Healing - The 24 Hour Blessing

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years. It’s a process of healing which deals with subtle energy and natural healing practices.  There are many forms of this alternative medicine, dealing with all kinds of energy and most of them baffle those who rely on “modern Western conventional medicine” as well as some of those who are open to this form of holistic treatment.

Most Energy Healing works with the energy field of both the practitioner and the client, releasing blockages which often create pain, lack of mobility and more serous medical conditions.  Although there are hundreds of alternative therapies and I have certifications in almost a dozen different healing modalities, I have created my own procedure which I call All Good Energy Flow Technique.  This is a concept which removes blockages in the body caused by emotional trauma, resulting in pain relief and increased mobility. It...

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JOY Codes Magical Bolivia the “Journey Of YOU” 2021

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2020

JOY Codes Magical Bolivia
the “Journey Of YOU”

April 11 – 22, 2021

12 Days, 11 Nights

Sorata * Lake Titicaca * Copacabana * Tiwanaku * PumaPunku * LaPaz

Explore a deeper level of WHO you really are as Pachamama holds loving space for you in one of her most sacred lands on our dear planet. Take this SoulJourn deep into yourself… with a very small group of 6 Soul Si-Stars as each of you spends time connecting with Pachamama,  guided and supported by your American spiritual group leader as well as local Aymara guides.

I (Adele Good) have been called to Bolivia on three separate occasions and could not deny the importance of following this guidance.  Each trip was very special… sacred in my connection to Pachamama in different ways and each has contributed significantly to my spiritual growth and relationship to Mother Earth.

I have done everything we will do in this Bolivian JOY Codes Journey at least once and sought out the nicest places...

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Find JOY in Your Life During the Coronavirus

find joy your life Aug 13, 2020

As the creator of the JOY Codes, six months into this Global Pause (which is how I refer to this time of the coronavirus) I feel compelled to share tips on how to find joy in your life in spite of current circumstances.

 Since that time I’ve developed the JOY Codes and love to share concepts to help find joy in your life, especially at this uncertain time.

After I created the outline for this article, I went to google to see what others were saying about finding joy during corona.  My search stopped at the first article as it included a link to keep up with the daily statistics of this virus.  To me, that is certainly not going to help anyone find joy.  Following daily updates on this virus will lower your energy and keep you in a state of fear, vulnerability and frustration.

There are many shifts going on as we face the uncertainty of the future. We know life will never be the same and although things may seem scary, there are ways to shift that energy....

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Find JOY Along the Journey

Turning 64 today and in awe that this sixth decade is so fun and JOYful! 

March 2014, I got the message to leave the US.  Three months later, I’d released everything except what fit in a 5 x 5 storage unit.  After saying farewell to family, friends, even a special boyfriend, I left to find joy along the magical journey and have never looked back!

 I’ve discovered the secrets of youthing… living near ancient sacred sites, giving back to Mother Earth as I share my gifts, talents, and resources with the cultures I’ve settled into on 5 continents and drinking lots of water… yes, youthing is that simple!  I’ve never felt better… waking healthy and full of life each morning, filling days exploring, relaxing, working, learning and sharing the experiences.

My old life was certainly different… caught up in the rat race of living the ‘good life’… working hard, playing hard, searching for something...

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Reverse Aging - the Secret of Youthing

joy codes Aug 10, 2020

Is it possible to reverse aging?  YES, it is! I have watched this happen with clients and in my own life.  My approach to reverse aging or the “Secret of Youthing” as I prefer to say, rather than “reverse aging” is so simple. 

However, I’m not going to site clinical trials or details on reverse aging research, as most of them promote drugs which involve chemical modifications with numerous side effects. I prefer to share simple concepts regarding the Secret of Youthing.

You might read about other alternative ways to reverse aging which include reversing age related diseases, calorie restriction, strengthening the immune system and reversing heart disease.  While each of these is beneficial, there are other ways to embrace youthing.

Reverse Aging – Youthing is a state of mind

Youthing is a state of mind. It is releasing worry and fear around the number associated with our biological age.  It’s about believing we can...

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