Reverse Aging - the Secret of Youthing

joy codes Aug 10, 2020

Is it possible to reverse aging?  YES, it is! I have watched this happen with clients and in my own life.  My approach to reverse aging or the “Secret of Youthing” as I prefer to say, rather than “reverse aging” is so simple. 

However, I’m not going to site clinical trials or details on reverse aging research, as most of them promote drugs which involve chemical modifications with numerous side effects. I prefer to share simple concepts regarding the Secret of Youthing.

You might read about other alternative ways to reverse aging which include reversing age related diseases, calorie restriction, strengthening the immune system and reversing heart disease.  While each of these is beneficial, there are other ways to embrace youthing.

Reverse Aging – Youthing is a state of mind

Youthing is a state of mind. It is releasing worry and fear around the number associated with our biological age.  It’s about believing we can naturally look and feel younger by keeping our thoughts positive. It’s about reversing health conditions, reducing stress, spending more time in nature and drinking more water.  Yes, it is that simple!  The easiest way to reverse the body’s epigenetic clock is to believe it is possible.  Above all, anti aging is a mindset!

 Water – The Secret Elixir

There are some practical things we can do such as consume more water.  I suggest drinking half our body weight in ounces of H2O. The formula is to take your weight, divide it by two and that number, in ounces, is how much you need each day. For example, a 200 pound person needs 100 ounces, which is 12 1/2 cups each day.  Most of us grew up hearing that studies suggest drinking eight cups of water a day.  What we did not hear was that this is for someone weighing 128 pounds. If you consume coffee, alcohol or take any medicine, you need more. I suggest adding at least two to four more cups of water to flush out those toxins. If you don’t currently drink that much, slowly increase your daily water consumption.

Remarkable Essential Oils

Reverse Aging with Holistic Alternatives for Pain & Healing

There are other ways to live longer and add quality years to your life span. Rather than reach for a chemical pain reliever (the kind I used to buy in the 800 tablet bottle at Costco) there are natural ways to alleviate pain.  Essential oils are remarkable and often work within seconds. I broke a finger during quarantine in Peru and had two doctors confirm it was a “mallard” break. I was unable to locate the finger brace they recommended to immobilize it. The break was very painful and fortunately I had an essential oil for pain and bones, which was phenomenal. Since making natural remedies my first line of defense, I have not taken any drugs since 2006. This was a huge shift as I was on eight prescription medications prior to that and these chemicals were taking a toll on my life span. 

Since I decided to take a holistic approach, it has been so satisfying to know I’m treating my body in a healthier way than chemically prepared drugs with endless side effects and I have reversed my medical conditions.

 Health Benefits of Mother Earth

I mentioned spending time in nature to support youthing as it slows our minds down and has physical benefits to slow down aging. Most people sleep better after a day at the beach. Some attribute that to being in fresh air, relaxing their minds, being in the sun… and there is more.  Our bodies are electro-magnetic instruments and it’s imperative to connect with the electro-magnetic field of Mother Earth to recharge. We do this when standing barefoot on sand, dirt or grass.  So take off your plastic soled shoes and get your feet on the ground.  Whether you spend that time reading, cloud watching or doing nothing, you will naturally reduce your stress and recharge. This often leads to a greater night’s sleep and a healing body!  This method of connecting to the earth has many other health benefits, including pain and stress relief.

Reduce Stress and Reverse Aging by Youthing

One of the easiest ways to reduce stress and promote youthing is by turning off the television and stopping mind penetrating details from the news and commercials. I did this over a decade ago and when I’ve shared this with people they often look at me like I’m ignorant and uneducated.  As someone who used to read the Wall Street Journal and pride myself on my knowledge of the perception of what was going on around the world, I eventually realized much of what I was reading and hearing was grossly exaggerated and did not enhance my life. 

I suggest ignoring your chronological age and embracing some of these suggestions with a younger mindset.  We can choose to live however we want… and it is joyful to take a playful approach to life and letting go of any concerns around aging.

In conclusion, if you watch the miracles when you embrace a positive mindset, reduce daily stress, learn about essential oils, spend time with your feet on the earth and drink adequate amounts of water, you will naturally feel younger.  These Secrets of Youthing will guide you into feeling and sleeping better as well as helping you move into a younger, more joyful way of living.

If you would like to discuss how you can reverse aging and experience youthing, let's chat!  Email me at [email protected] to set up a complimentary Joy Codes Call. 

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