Curious to learn more about the world?


Are you wanting to travel yet not ready to board a long flight?   

Would you like to check out Sacred Sites before you visit them?

Then why not take a virtual tour of magical places to explore various customs, ancient traditions and go beyond the tourist path.

After spending decades exploring the world, I'm sharing some of my discoveries to help others wake up to the hidden sites, experiences and unseen world all around us. 

Take a virtual journey to Sacred Sites in various countries to discover hidden or rarely seen sites being exposed all over Mother Earth.

Join me for the Virtual 'Adventures with Adele'  in the Sacred Valley of Peru…

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Discover the magic of the Andean Spiritual Tradition!


Check out this virtual program ELEMENTS to the Power of 4 to interact with the dynamic energies of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.


Connect with the Elements and their Elementals to release and transform what no longer serves you, in order to SEE the unseen and KNOW the unknown. 


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Individual Peruvian Journey 

Join me for a Customized Sacred Valley Experience as I arrange a unique trip for you alone or a small group using my favorite guides, shamans and resort hotels!  Email

[email protected] 

Magical Gateways of Bolivia 

This is one of the gateways we will explore as we step back in time in this fascinating country. We make this unique journey into the past and your future!

April 2022

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Discover the Secrets of Bosnia!

Surprised by what’s hiding below the surface? The foundation of this massive pyramid can help shift how you think of yourself and how you show up on the surface…

June 2022


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