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adele good find joy find joy journey joy codes joy in the journey Aug 11, 2020

Turning 64 today and in awe that this sixth decade is so fun and JOYful! 

March 2014, I got the message to leave the US.  Three months later, I’d released everything except what fit in a 5 x 5 storage unit.  After saying farewell to family, friends, even a special boyfriend, I left to find joy along the magical journey and have never looked back!

 I’ve discovered the secrets of youthing… living near ancient sacred sites, giving back to Mother Earth as I share my gifts, talents, and resources with the cultures I’ve settled into on 5 continents and drinking lots of water… yes, youthing is that simple!  I’ve never felt better… waking healthy and full of life each morning, filling days exploring, relaxing, working, learning and sharing the experiences.

My old life was certainly different… caught up in the rat race of living the ‘good life’… working hard, playing hard, searching for something unknown.  After many ‘wake up’ calls regarding my health, happiness and perceived wealth, nothing was filling my cup. It only drained me as I pushed the limits and found myself unfulfilled. I put the smile on every morning yet something was missing… that inner joy I longed for… that little girl deep inside who got lost while raising a family, working hard to ‘succeed’ and creating material wealth perceived as important and I had lost ME. 

I first moved to Bosnia to help excavate the world’s largest pyramids… surrounding myself with amazing volunteers from who also knew the secret of giving back. My ‘job’ was helping excavate the massive tunnel systems. This is where I experienced the pulse deep inside Mother Earth which we can tap into as aches, pains and for some, diseases miraculously disappear.

 After exploring Eastern Europe, I rented a car in Germany and headed across the channel to the sacred sites of England. From there, to France to care for a large property as I had learned how to ‘house sit’ and live for free.  I had already spent a great deal of the money I expected to last for years, so had to get creative to keep going.

After a year in Europe, I stopped in the US on my way to Peru, where I lived in the Sacred Valley I’d fallen in love with years before. By extending my visits, I could rent places long term which was much less expensive than being a tourist. I got to know the locals and was privy to special sites. I visited Lake Titicaca and Bolivia, falling in love with this magical area, knowing I would return.

I flew to Brazil where I met many Brazilian healers. All I can say is there is so much in the unseen world we just can’t explain.  I began sharing these miracles with clients who came from all over the world to experience healing in the most unique ways.

From Brazil I headed to South Africa to join a month long tour.  We traveled across this majestic country exploring sacred sites where rocks are musical instruments, mountains are full of stone faces and ancient Bushmen paintings are hidden everywhere. I eventually guided clients to discover some of the magic I had experienced.

Then to SE Asia to volunteer, traveling with American speaker friends as we worked with mothers and children who had escaped unspeakable lives. I continued volunteering with one of the Catholic organizations, helping the ladies realize how to find joy in their journey. I rented homes from Hindu families, feeling so much joy as they taught me about their cultures. 

I explored SE Asia, ending in Borneo, traveling deep into the island, being embraced as the first American woman ever seen in this fascinating place. I was treated as an esteemed guest, where Hindus and Muslims live in houses on stilts surrounded by sacred sites popping out of magical lakes.

 From Asia I moved to Colorado, where I was there to help friends who were working hard to launch their life’s work. I was not in a place to do much to support them and realized living in the US was tough, so I returned to central Brazil.

Using Brazil as a base, I returned to Peru and Bolivia, living on the Island of the Moon in the middle of Lake Titicaca planning upcoming Sacred Journeys to share some of the places and beautiful people I’ve met in my travels.

I was guiding amazing ladies in the Sacred Valley of Peru in March 2020, when the world slowed down.  We were warned the borders were being closed and these brave women chose to stay in lock-down in our fabulous resort property. Weeks later they were evacuated out by the US Embassy. I chose to remain to live in the Sacred Valley, at the base of one of my favorite ancient ruins of terraces and temples. 

During my travels, I’ve been working on The JOY Codes - The Journey Of You, which I believe will be my legacy.  I’ve explored my spirituality, living amongst those who honor Buddha, Jesus Christ or read the Quran and see how much we are all alike.

I feel the joy in this journey each day… the joy of turning 64, feeling alive, and more connected to Mother Earth than ever before.  I’ve embraced this Global Pause, of silence and solitude, this time to reflect and look inward.

I challenge you to find the joy in your life’s journey… to look back on a life well lived.  To accept the humanness we each are experiencing, full of mistakes, setbacks and lessons designed to move us forward. To embrace the future and find your inner child and let her help you find the joy you are here to experience.

Today, as I embrace the next half of my life, I will be going up a mountain to visit a unique sacred site I recently learned of here in Peru. A place where the water is known for healing properties.  Yes, one of my secrets of youthing.  I mentioned how important water is to staying young. I will work with this water in the Andes, and embrace the youthing process.

I’m working on my next JOY Codes Journey here, later in 2020 when the borders open or early next year.  If you are feeling the call of Peru or Bolivia, please let me know as I’m putting together some unique itineraries for a few private clients and small groups. The Andes are a perfect place to find and experience that inner joy we each deserve.

Email me at [email protected] if you would like to discuss joining me on a special JOY Codes Journey.

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