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Discover the magic of the Andean Spiritual Tradition!

Choose this virtual program ‘ELEMENTS to the Power of 4’ to interact with the dynamic energy of Earth, Water, Air and Fire to release and transform what no longer serves you, in order to SEE the unseen and KNOW the unknown. 

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Sacred site adventurer, Adele Good put this program together in Peru in partnership with Diane Dunn, a New Yorker who moved to Peru 20 years ago to work with Andean Shamans. Diane teaches the magical ways of working with the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

In this program you will learn to connect with the forces of creation to awaken your inner wisdom and amplify your consciousness. Learn to expand your awareness, for your own healing and the healing of humanity.

Harness the Power Nature

In this program you will learn the Sacred Geometry of the Chakana, as well as the dynamic significance of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.  Each module offers practices to incorporate these teachings into your daily life.

Connect to Water Spirits

All the Elements have their own unique energy called Elementals.  The exercises in this program allow you to communicate with these beautiful spirits and connect to the forces of nature and creation. 

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Elements to the Power of 4?


This virtual program includes:

  • Secrets from the Ancient Spiritual Tradition

  • Practical exercises to connect with the Elements and Elementals

  • Lessons to enhance your spiritual growth and evolution

  • Practices to awaken your inner wisdom and amplify your consciousness by connecting with the forces of creation

  • Immediate access to the program

  • Unlimited use of videos, audio recordings, and transcriptions of each lesson

  • Ability to join Private Facebook Community


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Full refund within 30 days if not thrilled with this unique program. 

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