Find JOY in Your Life After The Great Pause of 2020

find joy your life Aug 13, 2020

As the creator of the JOY Codes, six months into the Global Pause of 2020 (which is how I refer to the time of the corona virus) I feel compelled to share tips on how to find joy in your life in spite of current circumstances.

Since that time I’ve developed the JOY Codes and love to share concepts to help find joy in your life, especially at this uncertain time.

After I created the outline for this article, I went to google to see what others were saying about finding joy during corona.  My search stopped at the first article as it included a link to keep up with the daily statistics of this virus.  To me, that is certainly not going to help anyone find joy.  Following daily updates on this virus will lower your energy and keep you in a state of fear, vulnerability and frustration.

There are many shifts going on as we face the uncertainty of the future. We know life will never be the same and although things may seem scary, there are ways to shift that energy. When we stay out of fear we keep our vibration high and energy level up which helps us get through any situation.

Feeling fear is perfectly normal when we are dealing with issues of job security, financial loss, loneliness, possibly having this virus or supporting someone who does. And there are ways to soften that fear… to look inside for inner joy and in the process, raise our energy and outlook.

Here are some ideas to bring you joy when you might not have thought that was possible.

Serve Others

Reach out to help someone else. In serving others we are able to feel the joy of giving. This is the fastest way to raise our vibration and get out of our head which moves us into a place of being in our heart with more joy. No matter what your situation, you can do something to serve.  A call to check in on someone, sharing a batch of cookies, a note or asking a neighbor if they need anything will bring you both joy.

Acknowledge Your Situation

As someone who does energy healing, I’ve helped many clients these past months who were suffering from new aches and pains often related to anxiety. It’s perfectly normal for the body to ‘act up’ to get our attention.

If you are dealing with unexplained pain and suffering, acknowledge yourself for what you are going through and reach out for help. There are many great trained energy healing practitioners who do remote work which can very quickly lower your pain level or diminish conditions entirely.

I worked with a client last week who delivered a baby at home in July. She preferred home to being in a hospital and had a very positive delivery. And she was suffering from severe shoulder pain which was tough for a mother of three. We had a session in which we connected energetically while discussing what she had been through. She acknowledged her bravery and situation of  ‘carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders’ and within an hour her pain was completely gone. She was able to honor her situation and find joy.

Turn off the TV

Stop watching the news and looking for updates on this virus and world catastrophes. In most cases there is nothing you can do about those situations. The negative effects they will have on you can be horrendous.  They will only add to your feelings of helplessness making it harder to sleep, stay positive, feel good and relax.

I stopped allowing the media to enter my mind in 2007 and am sure this has supported me in many positive ways regarding my health, longevity, state of being and high energy.  I guarantee if there is something you must know, the information will get to you…this is how the universe works.

Only watch positive programs. I recommend Down to Earth, Our Planet and Wonder on Netflix.

Meditate or Pray in Gratitude

A daily routine of meditation or prayer will make a huge difference in your life. Even five minutes of keeping your thoughts on something joyful will shift your outlook and help you focus on the positive.

Spend Time in Nature

I’m writing this in the garden while observing hummingbirds who stop by to pollinate the colorful flowers. I’ve learned since shifting my  own dis-eases and getting off all forms of medication, that time in nature is the best cure for anything.  Especially if you put your bare feet on the grass, dirt or sand to connect with the earth’s magnetic field. In fact, that’s also a great way to alleviate pain, especially if you include a huge glass of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon!

When a creature gets my attention out here, I take a pause and observe its beauty.  The patterns on the wings of a butterfly, the colors of feathers on birds and the loud hum of the huge bumble bees here in Peru.  I believe those moments of honoring the wonder of Mother Earth bring joy deep into our hearts as they raise our energy and support our humanness.


This is a biggie.  When we can examine the situation from our heart, knowing we will never be tested in ways we can not handle, we can get through anything.

We’ve all gone through rough times and if we look back at those situations objectively, we will see the goodness. This is where trust is important.

I often say, "I did not come this far to stop now. I still have work to do!"  This usually makes me laugh which raises my vibration and within a short period of time, a miracle occurs to shift the entire situation.

Try this… look at a tough condition of your life. Acknowledge it, accept it is the current reality and create a positive outcome.  Then TRUST.. stay out of fear and doubt and let the miracles begin!

My wish is you've learned at least one concept to find more joy in your life. Please spend some time implementing it and see if you have more energy or a more joyful day.  If not, feel free to reach out to me for a chat by emailing me at [email protected] and we will figure out how you can find more joy in your life.




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