JOY Codes Magical Bolivia the “Journey Of YOU” 2025

Sep 04, 2020

JOY Codes Magical Bolivia
the “Journey Of YOU”

April 11 – 22

12 Days, 11 Nights

Sorata * Lake Titicaca * Copacabana * Tiwanaku * PumaPunku * LaPaz

Explore a deeper level of WHO you really are as Pachamama holds loving space for you in one of her most sacred lands on our dear planet. Take this SoulJourn deep into yourself… with a very small group of 6 Soul Si-Stars as each of you spends time connecting with Pachamama,  guided and supported by your American spiritual group leader as well as local Aymara guides.

I (Adele Good) have been called to Bolivia on three separate occasions and could not deny the importance of following this guidance.  Each trip was very special… sacred in my connection to Pachamama in different ways and each has contributed significantly to my spiritual growth and relationship to Mother Earth.

I have done everything we will do in this Bolivian JOY Codes Journey at least once and sought out the nicest places and people to work with that I could find.  Bolivia, especially most of the Bolivia we will explore, is not touristy… not yet!  This allows us as visitors to see the beautiful local Aymara people, as the women especially still wear their traditional costumes as part of who they are, and have not been highly influenced by the ‘outside’ world.  Yes they carry cell phones, although most are not smart phones, and they live a fairly simple life… a very hard life, yet most seem deeply happy and certainly honor their connection to Pachamama.

The time we will spend in Sorata and Lake Titicaca will be very magical.  I spent a month in each last May-June, living on the Isla del Luna (Moon Island) on Lake Titicaca for a full moon cycle. I doubt any other American lady has done this as I was quite an anomaly living among the beautiful families, most of who were born on this island and stayed as protectors.  I can’t wait to return with friends as Viviana and Roberto (my Aymara hosts for the month I lived there) are such beautiful people and I can’t wait to show them off!  I spent June 2019 in the mountains of Sorata, knowing I had been called to bring groups of ladies here in the future and searching for a place at a lower altitude to adjust and spend time with Pachamama.  This is where we will hold a sacred retreat, spending 3 days with Justo, an Aymara Chamakani, a person who sees the vibrations of the spirit in man. You will have the opportunity to work with Justo individually if you choose, as well as his wife, Swedish Lina, who practices the Rosen method, which she learned from Marion Rosen, a massage for body and soul. These treatments will compliment the JOY Codes work we will be doing.

After our time in the mountains and on the island, we will explore the fun town of Copacabana, home of a famous Black Madonna and surrounded by ‘Inca’ ruins.  From there we will visit the famous Tiwanaku and PumaPunku, then end up in LaPaz for a few days, hiking the most magical place I have explored, where I got so many messages from Pachamama, that the explanations are still coming to me. 

This trip involves a lot of gentle hiking, nothing extreme, although the hour plus up to Lake Chillata has a few steep areas, and we will have 2 guides with us to hold our hand at these short passageways (not scary, just steep for a few steps).  I am 65 and have not been in a gym in years, so as long as you can walk on slopes and some stairs, you should be able to handle all of the walks.  We will take them slowly, which is safer and gives us a chance to absorb the unique energy, sounds and spirit of the land.

This is a very off the tourist path SoulJourn, and I am very blessed to have been totally guided to share it with a small group of ladies.  Please look over the itinerary, and if it is in alignment with where you are in your spiritual journey, let’s talk to see if this might support your next steps!

(photos are not uploading, please return to see incredible pictures of Magical Bolivia)

Magical Mountains of Sorata with snow covered Illampu overlooking the valley

Day 1 – April 11 – Arrival in LaPaz, Bolivia – Night in Sorata

Upon arrival in LaPaz, you will meet our beautiful group of Soul Sisters to be driven a few hours on a magical path to our quaint eco-lodge resort near Sorata, a small a warm-weather colonial town with magnificent views in the Bolivian Andes, northwest of the city of La Paz and east of Lake Titicaca.

One of the Altai Oasis garden cottages near the stream where we will spend the first 5 nights of our magical journey.

We will check into our garden rooms at Altai Oasis Eco-Lodge, a simple yet lovely resort property in a valley outside of the town of Sorata.

Mountain stream runs through the Altai Oasis property.

This afternoon we will spend quietly sitting by the serene mountain stream

Garden pool for a bit of R&R as we relax in nature.

or take a dip in the pools while relaxing as we connect with Pachamama, get acquainted with each other and drink local tea to help easily adjust to the higher altitude. 

Altai Oasis living area and restaurant.. warm, cozy and comfortable.

Welcome Dinner at our resort restaurant, rated “Best Vegetarian Food in South America”.

Day 2 – April 12 – Sorata

Spend the day with our Aymara Guide, Justo and his lovely wife, Lina, who will host us for a traditional Bolivian lunch at their home in Tutuacaja, an indigenous community “between the wild river and a highest viewpoint.”

View of Sorata from Justo and Lina’s home in the Aymara community of Tutuacaja

This is a perfect site to begin our journey, where we will have a fabulous view of the highly revered Glacier Illampu, the fourth highest mountain in Bolivia.  Illampu in native Aymara language mean “Strong” and this mountain peak is considered the “Guardian of Transition.”  

Justo and Lina’s hillside home where we will have our first Aymara Cosmology Ceremony

Justo will guide a traditional Aymara Cosmology Ceremony, a Pachamama Offering Ritual to give thanks to Mother Earth, as we honor “Kay Pacha” – the “present” – this world or the conscious part of the mind.

Day 3 – April 13 – Sorata

We will spend today learning more of the JOY Codes – the Journey Of You and relaxing in the sacred gardens of our mountain resort. 

Illampu overlooking the valley

For lunch, we will walk up the dirt road to Cafe Illampu, where we can sit outside, enjoy lunch and have another phenomenal view of the majestic snow capped Illampu. The cafe owner, Stefan, is an Austrian baker who came to Bolivia decades ago and after visiting Sorata, made it his home.  You will have time, if you choose to have a massage or special treatment before dinner at our lovely resort restaurant. 

Day 4 – April 14 – Sorata and San Pedro Caves

San Pedro Caves with underground blue lake

Today Justo and Lina will take us to the San Pedro Caves, a nearby underground lake surrounded by a magnificent cave system.  Justo will share ancient knowledge of Pachamama on land and water as we move across this underground blue lake in small boats or walk across underground bridges. We will continue to acknowledge Pachamama and in today’s ceremony will honor  “Ukhu Pacha” – the “past” – the underworld or unconscious part of the mind. 

Majestic views from the Sorata Observation Deck high in the mountains.

We will then drive up into the mountains to an observation deck, where we will have magnificent views of Sorata and the surrounding area.

Charming colonial village of Sorata, surrounded by the Andes

Our driver will take us to the quaint colonial town of Sorata to have lunch in a delicious “Mexican” sidewalk cafe. 

I met this charming Aymara lady walking in the Sorata valley.
beautiful valley river between the village of Sorata and our hotel

After wandering around this colorful little village, you might choose to hike down the mountain valley to our resort, crossing a unique foot bridge in a quiet magical area of the valley or take a taxi.

This afternoon we will continue on with our JOY Codes, then spend some time in solitude enjoying the sounds of listening to the birds and stream near our garden rooms, embracing our relationship to Pachamama. 

Day 5 – April 15 – Sorata

Chuchu Jahuira River, full of very special rocks.

We will continue to discuss the JOY Codes, walk to the nearby Chuchu Jahuira River, where we can explore some shallow caves and hunt for special river rocks as well as connecting the “Journey Of You” with Pachamama.  This will be a quiet day, allowing time for reflection and inner growth.  We will have a delicious lunch at our hotel and if you choose, you can have a massage or special treatment this afternoon before dinner.  

Day 6 – April 16 – Sorata and Lake Chillata 

Aymara farmers working in their gardens.

This morning we will drive for about an hour, up into the mountains towards the snow covered Illampu.  Our drive will take us on a journey rarely seen by tourists, through local colorful Aymara community farms and landscapes, where the ancient indigenous Aymara have protected this land for thousands of years. We will drive as far up this path as possible, then leave our vehicle and walk up to the green Lake Chillata. This is a moderate hike on a mountain path, so we will take it very slowly, in silence to appreciate the unimaginable beauty all around us.

Lake Chillata, high in the mountains yet only an hour hike after driving up the mountains. Adele saw condors here in June 2019.

The breathtaking magical lake, reflecting Illampu, is well worth the journey and the expectation of seeing condors in their natural habitat makes it a blessed experience. 

Justo will lead our final Aymara Cosmology ceremony lakeside as we honor “Hanan Pacha” – the “future” – the world above or intuitive part of the mind. We will have a picnic, spend time basking under the sun, hopefully watching the condors and for those who choose, time to walk around the small lake and explore ancient terraces and ruins hidden nearby. 

We will return to our mountain resort in time to relax and have our final dinner in Sorata.

Day 7 – April 17 – Sorata * Isla del Luna on Lake Titicaca

Fresh spices sold at the open Sorata Market

Today we will have a chance to experience local spices, handicrafts and produce as we visit the colorful Sorata Saturday market on our way out of town.

Viviana at our ‘hotel’ dock with the boat we will explore some of Lake Titicaca from. Isla del Sol is in the distance.

We will drive towards Lake Titicaca, where our Island of the Moon host, Roberto, an Aymara man who was raised on Lake Titicaca, will pick us up for a private boat ride to the Inca ruins on the Isla de la Luna (Moon Island), the second largest island on the lake.

Tupac Yupanqui Temple – the ‘House of the Chosen Virgins of the Sun,’

It is said that during the time of the Inca, Tupac Yupanqui Temple, an ornate building, the ‘House of the Chosen Virgins of the Sun,’ was built to house chosen women who lived a nun-like lifestyle.  We will visit these unique ruins which have a fabulous view of snow capped Illampu Mountain across the lake.

Aymara community of 25 families who live on the Isla del Luna.

Our captain and host will then continue our Titicaca boat ride, passing the local waterfront Aymara community, as we ride to the other side of the Isla del Luna to our home for the night. 

One of the simple rooms at our Isla del Luna ‘hotel’

We will stay in very basic rooms, on an island where most of the 25 local Aymara families haul all of their water from the lake up to their homes, wash their laundry in the lake and do not have indoor plumbing.  Fortunately, our humble rooms do have private bathrooms that function.

Unique stone found on the beach near the hotel.

There will be time to wander the beachfront, looking for special stones among the unique rocks which have surfaced over thousands of years in this very special body of water, the highest navigational lake in the Southern Hemisphere, which is known for much unexplained activity.

Our beautiful Aymara hosts, Viviana and Roberto

We will enJOY a fabulous traditional dinner of soup, rice and vegetables including fresh caught trout if you’d like, cooked by Roberto’s beautiful wife, Viviana. 

Llamas, sheep and shepherd down the cliff from where we will spend our Isla del Luna experience

might catch one of the local shepherds taking his little flock home for the night.

Magical sunset behind the Isla del Sol (untouched photo taken with my iPhone)

We will watch a magical sunset over the Isla del Sol and go to bed early, before it gets chilly. 

Day 8 – April 18 - Isla del Luna * Isla del Sol * Copacabana

Terraces on Isla del Sol (Sun Island)

We will leave our magical place on the Isla del Luna for a short boat ride to the Isla del Sol (Sun Island) where we will visit some of the ruins and have a delicious lunch on the hills overlooking the Isla del Luna. 

Copacabana on Lake Titicaca

Our host, Roberto, will then take us across the lake to Copacabana, a fun lake side village with many cute shops, a local market and small streets to explore.

Hotel La Cupula – considered the nicest place to stay and eat in Copacabana

We will relax for the rest of the day in the fun artistic upscale Hotel de Cupula, overlooking Lake Titicaca and the village of Copacabana. We will have a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Day 9 – April 19 – Copacabana on Lake Titicaca

Copacabana village with it’s interesting hills and landscape.

We will spend today exploring some of the interesting hills and “Inca” sites around this part of Lake Titicaca. 

Black Madonna in the Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana

During our visit to this part of the lake, we will see the famous Black Madonna in the Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana. Her shine is adjacent to a massive collection of other Black Madonnas. It is very rare to see so many from all over the world displayed in one place. Lunch and dinner will be in one of the many fun restaurants in Copacabana.

Day 10 – April 20 – Copacabana * Tiwanaku * LaPaz

Today we will leave Copacabana for a beautiful drive along the lake as we head towards the famous Tiwanaku and PumaPunku.

Tiwanaku Gate of the Sun

Tiwanaku, a large “Inca” complex, is famous for the Gate of the Sun, a huge monolith with mysterious inscriptions and carvings that decorate the gate. These are believed to possess astronomical and/or astrological significance and may have served a calendrical purpose.

PumaPunku famous laser cut stone formations.

PumaPunku might have been viewed as the center of the Andean world, attracting pilgrims from far away to marvel in its beauty. These structures transformed the local landscape; PumaPunku was purposely integrated with Illimani mountain, a sacred peak that the Tiwanaku possibly believed to be home to the spirits of their dead. This area was believed to have existed between Heaven and Earth.

We will have lunch and a full day as we drive to LaPaz to check into our hotel where we will enjoy a nice dinner.

Day 11 – April 21 – LaPaz

Valley of the Moon unique rock formations

We begin our day exploring the majestic Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) as we walk along this unexplained area of LaPaz which is said to have a similar surface to the Moon.

Valley of Animas near La Paz, ancient sacred site.

Afterwards we’ll take a long, but easy walk in the Valle de Animas (Valley of Souls) to witness Bolivia’s needle-like rock formations. The spires resemble petrified souls, which is how the area got its name. We will picnic along the way and finish our day in LaPaz, visiting the intriguing Mercado de Las Brujas (Witches Market), where traditional remedies and exotic herbs are sold. We will have our final Farewell Dinner in the city before returning to our hotel.

Day 12 – April 22 – Departure from LaPaz

Today we say our farewells as each of our Soul Si-stars leave to return home or continue travels feeling blessed with the pure spiritual energy of our transformational Bolivian journey-of-a-lifetime.

Program Includes:

  • 11 nights shared accommodations (6 at Eco-lodge in Sorata, 1 on Isla del Luna on Lake Titicaca, 2 in Copacabana and 2 in LaPaz)
  • Land and Boat transportation from LaPaz Airport on April 11, inclusive of returning to LaPaz Airport on April 22.
  • All group meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from arrival to departure
  • Aymara Shaman guide for 3 days of Pachamama Ceremonies as well as local guides for tours of most ruin and hikes
  • All fees and visits to ruins, caves and local markets
  • Everything in the Itinerary as noted

Not Included:

  • Flights in and out of LaPaz, Bolivia (El Alto International Airport, LPB Airport)
  • Separate airport transfers and hotel bookings
  • Tips, sundries and bottled beverages, laundry and spa services. (Tip suggested $70 – $100 for resort staff, Shaman and professional local tour guides). 

The J.O.Y. Codes

The concept of The JOY Codes – Journey Of YOU is a process which addresses the Mind – Body – Spirit – Heart – Community Connection. This is a system to simplify living a JOYful life… to discover who you are, how you show up in this world and what truly brings you JOY!

The overall big mission of The JOY Codes is to support the residents of Mother Earth as we shift into a higher vibration.  This may sound like an insurmountable goal, although since we are all connected, it makes sense that each one of us plays a part in enhancing ourselves to support this big picture.  By doing so, as we increase our positive energy, we naturally help others raise theirs.

The five aspects of The JOY Codes have been designed to create inner harmony and peace, using specific concepts to enhance the Mind – Body – Spirit – Heart – Community Connection.  These Codes, some of which Mother Earth gifts us with directly, include concrete tools which:

  • raise us into a higher vibration as we gain confidence in our ability to create our full reality
  • teach us how to access our inner wisdom as we learn how to ask for inner guidance and how to move forward with what we discover 
  • give us the confidence of making decisions for our greatest good, in which the outcome is a deeper connection to our higher self and self love 
  • help us use words more effectively and be more conscious of our mindset
  • tap into knowing our passions with a wonderful process to delve into what really brings us JOY and how to incorporate that into our daily lives
  • connect us more directly to Spirit 
  • open our hearts to give and receive JOY as we connect with like minded life travelers
  • keep that channel open as we delve into living a lifestyle of JOY

Let’s let our inner JOY get stronger to support others on their journey… helping all of us.. on all continents, in all walks of life.

Adele in June 2019 at Chuchu Jahuira River.


Adele Good is an adventurous traveler who spent much of her life time exploring sacred sites all over the world. Her mission is to help connect cultures around the planet while sharing the mysteries of ancient civilizations. 

As a successful business owner for almost 40 years, she has facilitated workshops and seminars since 1996 which evolved into personal development, self-discovery programs to support clients in a multitude of ways, including health and inner growth.  

After naturally reversing several life threatening diseases, Adele created a healthy lifestyle which supports her travel and mission as a Professional Speaker, Coach, Author, Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Energy Healing Practitioner. 

She left the US in July 2014 to live in Bosnia while excavating the largest pyramids on Earth and extensively explore sacred sites in Europe, then moved to South America to live in Peru and Brazil while continuing the discovery of our ancient planet.  Since then, she has lived in South Africa and Thailand which allowed her to investigate the surrounding sacred lands of Cambodia, Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore, then returned to live again in Bosnia, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru, while planning sacred JOY Code Journeys to each of these ancient culturally rich countries.

Adele designed The JOY Codes Journey – the Journey Of You, using the skills she learned and deep wisdom she accessed as she created her own JOYful life.  The JOY Codes are a culmination of her own personal work and the seminars she has held for clients on five continents. She has created a blessed life of living her passions which include travel, discovering ancient sites and sharing her gifts of J.O.Y. along the way. The JOY Codes Journeys will be held in various sacred places around the world, with time for exploration of the inner-self as well as surrounding ancient sites. 


Bolivia is naturally mountainous and although some stairs are uneven and do not have handrails, you will be able to travel at your own pace. If you have serious hip or leg conditions and can not walk long distances comfortably, this journey is probably not for you. You would be able to do most of the Sorata retreat experiences, yet some of the other day activities, such as hiking to Lake Chillata and the Valley of Animas, could be very challenging and not pleasant. If you chose to join us, you would want to skip these sites or only do the easy paths. Most of the places we will go are rated Easy to Moderate… and your guides will work with you to assure your safety and comfort.

Our Hotels Along the Way

Altai Oasis Eco-Lodge in the valley below Sorata.

Sorata – Altai Oasis Eco-lodge Resort

Casual family run resort in the beautiful valley of Sorata, located in the Royal Range of the Bolivian Andes. There is a main lodge with cozy cabins, outdoor pool, beautiful grounds and restaurant with a terrace.

The valley of Sorata is a lovely colonial looking town with steep stairways and maze of narrow cobbled streets. Perched on a hillside with an elevation of 8,612 feet, Sorata lays in a valley beneath the towering snow covered peaks of Illampu and Ancohuma.

Tourists aren’t the only ones enchanted with Sorata. Bolivian writer Emeterio Villamil de Rada was so inspired by the beautiful greenery and clear rivers that he used Sorata as the setting for the Garden Eden in La Lengua de Adan (Adam’s Tongue).  He described Aymara as the language of Adam, and Cerro Illampu was the true Mount Olympus.

In colonial times, Sorata provided a link to the gold mines and rubber plantations of the Alto Beni and as a gateway to the Amazon basin.

In 1997 the Resnikowski family opened the Altai restaurant in the main plaza of Sorata, and at the same time opened Altai Oasis Coffee Shop, just a short walk outside of Sorata. After the apogee with the restaurant in the main plaza of Sorata, they decided to move to the outside of town, where they began to establish Altai Oasis Eco-Lodge.  This hotel has now developed into a comfortable and welcoming place where the best service and hospitality of Sorata is experienced. Their truly amazing cuisine is inspired by home cooking, often using produce from the fertile land of the property. The small restaurant has charm of a fine dining restaurant with views of towering massive Illampu.

We will enJOY wholesome vegetarian meals while at Altai Oasis, although if you prefer a different menu, that can be arranged, as well as vegan and adjustments for allergies.

On the JOY Codes Journey we will all have charming rooms with private bathrooms, accompanied by the murmur of the Challazuyo River, surrounded by the beautiful gardens.


Bolivian time in April is the same as the US Eastern Standard Zone, making the transition for Americans easy.

The country lies in the Southern Hemisphere, which means the weather is opposite of visitors from the Northern Hemisphere. 

April is an excellent month for an Andean adventure, before the tourist season begins! The weather in Sorata and Lake Titicaca is generally mild and pleasant with daytime temperatures averaging in the 50s°F, while night time low temperatures average in the 40s°F. Daytime temperatures in the city of La Paz are much colder, usually in the mid 50s°F in April, falling to the 30s°F at night. 

We will spend most of our journey in Sorata and on Lake Titicaca, where the nights are chilly yet the days are often sunny and warm. It is important to layer clothing, with a tank, light weight long sleeve top and sweater or jacket for the nights.  There are normally 6 hours of bright sunshine each day in Bolivia in April, so half the day is sunny and bright and feels much warmer than seen on the thermometer. We will be in Bolivia at the end of the rainy season… so bring a raincoat, just in case.  March through May (the Andean fall months) are generally sunny and the mountains and fields are beautifully green.

Be prepared for relatively high elevations above sea-level: in Sorata we will be at an elevation of 8,612 feet, on Lake Titicaca and La Paz at about 12,000 feet.  We are intentionally starting our journey with six days in Sorata to acclimate to the higher elevation and spending the first day resting as we hydrate with local tea will significantly assist climatizing.  Adele will share easy natural ways to prepare for this high altitude before you leave home as well as once you arrive in Bolivia.  Please discuss any concerns with her as there are many healthy options to consider which will make your whole journey in the Andes safe and wonderful! 


You must have a valid passport to travel to Bolivia. Please check your passport expiration date and make sure it is valid for at least 6 months after the end date of your retreat, and has at least 6 blank pages. 

A Visa is NOT required for US Citizens visiting Bolivia. (This changed in December 2019, making it much easier to enter the borders.)

Yellow Fever Vaccination is required for visiting Bolivia. (although Adele has entered Bolivia 3 times without this, just explaining she does not believe in it due to religious reasons, and has never been detained or denied access.) We will not be in the jungle, so use your discretion regarding having this vaccine. 

 Contact Adele at [email protected] with questions or to discuss joining this or future JOY Codes Journeys.


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