Significance of Energy Healing - The 24 Hour Blessing

Sep 06, 2020

Significance of Energy Healing - The 24 Hour Blessing

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years. It’s a process of healing which deals with subtle energy and natural healing practices.  There are many forms of this alternative medicine, dealing with all kinds of energy and most of them baffle those who rely on “modern Western conventional medicine” as well as some of those who are open to this form of holistic treatment.

Most Energy Healing works with the energy field of both the practitioner and the client, releasing blockages which often create pain, lack of mobility and more serious medical conditions.  Although there are hundreds of alternative therapies and I have certifications in almost a dozen different healing modalities, I have created my own procedure which I call All Good Energy Flow Technique.  This is a concept which removes blockages in the body caused by emotional trauma, resulting in pain relief and increased mobility. It is fascinating to witness the significant shifts in clients who have given up on “modern medicine” as they come to our sessions with often unbearable pain or immovable joints, creating difficulty walking or moving specific parts of the body. Within an hour of mostly conversation, my clients almost always feel a significant shift in the level of pain and/or increased mobility. 

Clients often say they feel a major shift in their emotional body as well as their physical body.  I use Louise Hay’s work from her book “Heal Your Body” which is all about healing, recovering and living a joyful life.  By discussing what was happening in my client’s life when the pain or condition began, we can unwrap the underlying cause and usually very quickly get to the root of the physical condition to unblock and reverse it.  Although most of my sessions are remote as they do not require touch and are done using Zoom, I’ve been blessed to practice this work in person with clients on five continents and it never ceases to amaze me how simple and effective this energy healing process can be.

When living in France, I helped a friend who was dealing with severe pain in her shoulder.  We were quickly able to pinpoint the source of this pain, related to her belief that she was holding the “weight of the world on her shoulders” which was from her need to bear much of the responsibility for her family.  She was amazed at how quickly her locked shoulder became flexible and the pain almost disappeared.  

My father was an orthopedic surgeon and he often spoke of migrating pain in the back, which would move from disk to disk.  This totally supports the work I do as our bodies are all connected and often the emotions are tied to the outcome of physical pain… as one area heals another might be triggered, so it is important to address all areas of pain and lack of mobility in the body at once, as they are usually related.  Western medicine isolates each area of the body, with different medical specialists for knees, shoulders, hips, etc and often misses the real healing opportunity by not focusing on the body as a whole unit.  It is fascinating to see someone with limited mobility in their right hip realize that it is related to their left ankle, and after discussing the emotional triggers creating these conditions, they feel significant relief in both. 

One of my favorite processes of reversing several conditions at once is something I call a “24 Hour Blessing.”  This Blessing is preceded with the client setting the intention of the areas of the body and their lives they desire be healed.  We usually have a conversation around these conditions and set a time to start their session.  They have strict instructions to spend most of the 24 hours in bed as they will be surprised by how many hours they will sleep. They won’t be very hungry so I encourage them to have some light meals or snacks readily available, usually fruit and something they enjoy as comfort food.  They are instructed to stay off all forms of technology, including their phones, computers and it is preferred that they are home alone without any distractions.  I begin the session with prayers and reviewing their written healing requests. We connect at the end of the 24 hours for a recap of what happened and the shifts in the body and emotional state.  I have done close to 100 of these procedures and find the one my mother recorded in 2015, at age 92, to be one of my favorites.  She has always been a fan of Western medicine, so this was a huge stretch for her and resulted in some amazing outcomes.  Check out this video if you are curious about the significance of these unique 24 Hour Blessings.

 If you would like to discuss a potential energy healing session or the 24 Hour Blessing, email [email protected].  We can review any pain, lack of mobility or health condition you might be experiencing and see if my procedures might be able to shift your conditions.

Remember - you are pure energy and any blockages in your emotional or physical bodies (just like a watering hose won’t function if it has a kink) will prevent that healthy flow of energy.  This is a critical time on Earth and our wellbeing is crucial to living a full, purposeful life.  If ‘modern medicine’ is not helping you shift your health issues, this is a great time to consider alternative therapies.  Let me know if I can support you.  Have a Joyful day…


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