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Are you curious about the world around you?


Have you ever questioned what you learned in school, feeling something just did not add up?


Have you ever been in a place where you felt energy you could not explain?

Do you occasionally see something you don't understand which your heart questions yet your mind discounts?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!


I’ve spent decades exploring the world, asking questions and am sharing some of my discoveries to help others wake up to the hidden sites, experiences and unseen world all around us.


I’m calling this BEYOND the 7 Wonders and hope you are fascinated with my findings…

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March 2021

Magical Gateways of Bolivia 

This is one of the gateways we will explore as we step back in time in this fascinating country. We make this unique journey into the past and your future!

April 2021

More on Bolivia

Discover the Secrets of Bosnia!

Surprised by what’s hiding below the surface? The foundation of this massive pyramid can help shift how you think of yourself and how you show up on the surface…

June 2022


joy in your life, finding joy, feel good, people who don, bring you joy, Adele Good, Coronavirus, Energy healing, Change Your Heart

Find JOY in Your Life During the Coronavirus

There are ways to find joy in your life even now during the coronavirus, as we face the uncertainty of the future. We know life will never be the same and although things may seem scary, there are ways to shift that energy.

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Reverse Aging

The Secret of Youthing

Is it possible to reverse aging?  YES, it is!  The “Secret of Youthing” as I prefer to say, rather than “reverse aging” is a much gentler approach to living a more fun, active...


Energy Healing

The 24 Hour Blessing

Energy healing is a process of healing which deals with subtle energy.  There are many forms of this alternative medicine, dealing with...


Find JOY

Along the Journey

Turning 64 today and in awe that this sixth decade is so fun and JOYful! March 2014, I got the message to leave the US and left to find joy along the magical journey and have...


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