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Bosnia - Herzegovina! 

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I will be sharing photos and details after decades of exploring hundreds of Sacred Sites -
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Check out this virtual program ELEMENTS to the Power of 4 to interact with the dynamic energies of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.


Connect with the Elements and their Elementals to release and transform what no longer serves you, in order to SEE the unseen and KNOW the unknown. 


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Check out this Light Warrior Radio Interview with the amazing Dr. Karen Kan...

All about the Energy of Sacred Sites, including Bosnia, Peru, Cambodia, South Africa, Montana and many more... 

Recorded September 2023

Have you ever spotted a mysteriously symmetrical mound or mountain that seemed too perfect to be natural?

Chances are, it's not a natural wonder! It might be one of the thousands of ancient sacred sites or guardians deliberately omitted from our history books, shrouded in mystery.

In the U.S. alone, over 100,000 of these enigmatic sites remain concealed. Many were attributed to Indigenous Americans, who disavow having had the means or know-how to create these marvels, often aligned with Solstice and Equinox cycles.

Older than we've been told, these sites lurk around us. Some are veiled beneath foliage, forests, or even modern structures like castles and cathedrals. Others are in plain sight, requiring us to trust our intuition and common sense.

Ancient sacred sites are abundant, yet their existence is inexplicably denied or overlooked.

Explorers are on a mission to unveil these mysteries. They reveal pyramids, temples, tumulus, dolmens, sacred guardians, caves, and peculiar upside-down egg-shaped boulders.

Join our captivating interview with Adele Good, a Sacred Site Adventurer (possibly a soul from Lemuria), as we delve into:

  • Hidden structures in the Bosnian Pyramid complex
  • The implausibility of Inca construction in Peru 500 years ago
  • Enhancing awareness and connecting with sacred energy
  • Exploring these sites as a spiritual seeker, not just a tourist
  • And so much more!

In 2014, Adele embarked on a life-altering journey, leaving the US behind to explore sacred sites on five continents. She delved into natural healing, connected with local communities, and became a self-made archaeological researcher.

June Solstice 2025 in Ancient Bosnia

Surprised by what’s hiding below the surface? The foundation of this massive pyramid can help shift how you think of yourself and how you show up on the surface…  

June 2025 

More on Bosnia

Magical Gateways of Bolivia 

This is one of the gateways we will explore as we step back in time in this fascinating country. We make this unique journey into the past and your future!

April 2025

More on Bolivia

Individual Peruvian Journey 

Join me for a Customized Sacred Valley Experience as I arrange a unique trip for you alone or a small group using my favorite guides, shamans and resort hotels!  Email

[email protected] 

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